5 Uses of Rose Water You Don’t Know About Yet



Rose water doesn’t just smell nice, it has many beneficial properties to improve your overall wellbeing. The use of rose water dates back to the seventh century and with its fantastic scent and moisturizing qualities it’s great for your face, hair, body and to use in your home. It’s a product that is compatible with virtually every skin type and can be used morning and evening — even a midday spritz can serve as the ultimate pick-me-up. Find out how to incorporate rose water into your routine.

Rose Water Benefits

Rose water is hydrating and rich in Vitamins B and E which makes your skin feel soft and leaves it looking radiant. It has anti-inflammatory qualities which makes it great for sensitive skin and because it’s deeply soothing and nourishing it’s also compatible with the driest of skin types.

Uses of Rose Water

Having rose water on hand is an excellent choice because it has so many uses. Here are some ways to use rose water into your daily life that you might not have thought about yet:

  1. Rose Water Toner

Rose water is extremely multifaceted — while on dry skin it’s nourishing, on oily skin it can reduce excess oil. Rose water is an outstanding toner because it’s gentle yet effective and unlike chemical-based toners it doesn’t irritate skin. It’s also easy to use, just mist your face directly or apply to a cotton pad and dab on skin to refresh. It’s especially nice to use after a workout to restore skin.

  1. Rose Water for Hair

Rose water isn’t just great for skin, it’s also excellent to use on your hair. It has natural conditioning qualities, is mildly astringent (perfect for dandruff or an oily scalp) and many swear that it can help combat frizz. Apply it to your scalp as a treatment before you shampoo or massage it through your hair to make it smoother. You could even just spritz a bit on your tresses to appreciate the nice scent.

  1. Rose Water for Acne

Acne goes beyond just an unfavorable appearance, it also goes hand and hand with skin discomfort, redness and swelling. Rose water has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities and can help balance pH on acneic skin. Apply with a cotton pad to help fight acne-causing bacteria and to help soothe your skin.

  1. Rose Water Eye Treatment

Rose water can help people with eye issues such as puffiness, tiredness and redness. The best way to soothe irritated eyes is by soaking them in chilled rose water then holding against your closed eyelids for a few minutes. Your eyes should look and feel better after using calming rose water. Added bonus; the scent of rose water near your nose will have a mood-enhancing effect.

  1. Rose Water Laundry

Speaking of scent, rose water’s intoxicating fragrance is also great to upgrade your wardrobe. Just spray a few drops of rose water on your shirt or clothing when you iron your clothes or when they come out of the dryer. The scent is also outstanding to freshen up clothing after being in a restaurant or kitchen to remove lingering food odors and reveal a fresh scent.  



Photo by Jaunt and Joy on Unsplash

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