Why I Founded Ziri Skincare: An Interview with Amine Benameur

Ziri Skincare launched this year (2020) and was founded by entrepreneur Amine Benameur who wanted to enrich the skincare market with ingredients and methods he’s known since childhood. Born in Morocco, he’s experienced the benefits of Moroccan red clay, black soap, rose water, and argan oil, and wanted to bring a piece of his heritage stateside.

Below he shares what makes Ziri Skincare unique, how he travels to Morocco to source the best ingredients and how the brand has been received worldwide so far.

Why did you decide to launch a skincare brand?
Amine Benameur: I wanted to honor the Moroccan culture and heritage of my ancestors and bring a high-quality product to the U.S. market. I have a passion for skincare, fitness, and lifestyle and wanted to combine all of these elements into one brand.  

What do you think makes Moroccan ingredients uniquely beneficial for skincare?

They’ve been in use for centuries and the benefits have been proven over time. Each product is multi-purpose, multi-use, and unisex. They all have beneficial properties in the ingredients which makes them special and unique. All of the ingredients are natural and rich in vitamins. They have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, rich in silica, zinc, and antioxidants. 

How do you source your products?

I travel personally to Morocco and hand-pick and inspect the facilities. I decided to source from an Argan kernel producer who has the highest quality of kernels, and hand-selected the kernels myself. Alongside my family, I tested each product making sure it was of the highest quality. I made sure all of our products meet the U.S. standards and guidelines. 

What differentiates Ziri from other Moroccan ingredient brands?

We don’t buy from a middleman, we buy locally in Morocco, we produce local, and we are Moroccan-owned. Also, the quality of our products and the price are unbeatable. 

Who is the Ziri customer? 

Both male and female. People appreciate high-quality products and are picky about what goes on their skin. 

What have been some of your favorite milestones since launch? 

Having international clients — we have customers from Mexico, Sweden, Finland, the UAE, France, Spain, USA, and Morocco. We’ve had very positive feedback from everyone who’s tried the product, signing with local hotels and spas, having repeat clients, and watching the word-of-mouth spread. Also, being featured on a national TV talkshow. 

How do you use Ziri Skincare in your daily life?

I definitely use the product on a daily basis. I start the day by using the rosewater as a toner to clean and refresh my face. Post gym, I apply the red clay 20 minutes before I shower. I use the black soap along with the mitt in the shower to exfoliate and remove any dead skin. I repeat the rosewater post shower. I carry the argan oil and rosewater with me and apply it throughout the day to my hands and face to keep them moisturized. I apply the Argan oil to my face before I go to bed to keep my skin moisturized throughout the night and wake up hydrated.

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Ziri products are luxurious. However, Ziri believes that luxury does not have to, as it often does, come at the cost of integrity and ethics. Thus, all our products are 100% natural and free of harmful additives.